Designed to your Needs

Design and build innovative and special machines, requires the selection of suppliers equally capable of responding to critical issues such as small dimensions, dedicated materials, efficiency of work in extreme environmental conditions, special applications never made before. Vesta was built around these requirements, thanks to a flexible organization that allows the Staff to assist the customer step by step to design and build together the best suited components for specific needs. From the feasibility study to test the prototype, we provide the know-how during design and construction phases to respond promptly to the problems of each client. From automotive to textiles, from food to the chemical industry, from packaging to wood processing up to rail transport, these are some of the areas in which we have already made several custom products.

Some of our special projects.


Manually operated lever valve used as the electric control for hydraulic valves for crane drive truck.


Cam actuated valve for railway safety applications that controls the movement of the pantographs. Designed to work in extreme environmental conditions and in conformity with the sectoral directives.


Microcylinder with integrated connector used in the electromedical field for locking the slides to analyze.


Cylinder used in the food industry, for applications in the meat massaging machines. Designed to work in contact with food, with zellamid 900 and stainless steel body.


Special cylinder for applications in the transportation industry, for locking the towing winches car. Suitable to work in extreme environmental conditions and resistant.


Cylinder designed for specific applications in the field of waste disposal, It is used for the opening and closing of the intake valves in trucks used in the streets cleaning.