Resistance and safety

The food sector imposes specific rules in the choice of materials that come into contact with food, both for cleaning needs and for work environments characterized by extremely variable temperatures.

The pneumatic components used must respond to specific characteristics and comply with the regulations in force. The needs of this sector are therefore multiple, on the one hand linked to materials on the other to high technological requirements. The industrial processes in these supply chains are highly automated and require high speeds and cycles, which is why our components are designed and produced to meet the needs of reliability and resistance, with the use of selected raw materials and tested on their arrival before the phases. processing. The choice of materials is an integral part of the quality of our products, as demonstrated by the series in stainless steel and in engineered technopolymer, with certification for food use, capable of resisting chemical attack and working continuously without requiring lubrication.

In order to always respond promptly to the problems of this sector, in addition to the standard lines, Vesta regularly develops and produces customized solutions designed in collaboration with the customer.