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Your customers are our challenge every day: together with you, we guarantee support, flexibility and technical analysis for standard or custom products.

Collaboration and assistance

Do you think that an offer providing value has to mean more than just savings? Do you need the quality worthy of a leader, combined with the flexibility of a craftsman?

At Vesta, we offer you 35 years of collaboration with top retailers, both in Italy and around the world. We ensure that standard products and materials are always in stock, to meet the needs of all types of distributor. We also provide ad-hoc solutions for individual customers, remaining flexible in terms of deadlines and technical resolution.


We have new vertical warehouses to improve service efficiency.


Machine servomechanism robotic islands for continuous production.

Human capital

Our staff are at your disposal to answer any request promptly.

solutions for


From an idea to a product.

Do you need support to design custom solutions?

Do you need our technicians’ support to create special products together?

Special solutions

We help you make your ideas reality. Our technical department is available to co-design your special solutions. We work with you to develop the best ideas and advance proposals that are always innovative and competitive.

Custom design

Our technical department can help you with anything from minor changes to designing tailor-made solutions.


Our staff follow your product from order placement to delivery to your plant


Raw materials and finished products are tested to assess their compliance with standards and guarantee consistently high certified quality.

Solutions for


Vesta: quick solutions, immediate availability.

Do you need to solve immediate spare parts problems?

Do you want the peace of mind of an always available contact person?


Our staff, as well as our efficient network of distributors around the world, guarantees a service that is always competitive, fast and convenient, for the maximum reliability and support to your business needs.


Our qualified staff are available to identify and supply the spare parts you need.


Our automated warehouse process orders more quickly.


Repair service

We check and replace damaged components to avoid unnecessary waste.