The shipping and handling costs of the product are charged to the customer and are shown at the following Internet address under the “Shipping and Returns” page, unless otherwise specifically requested by the customer and agreed upon with Vesta. Same-day shipping, regardless of the transport system used and if possible, will usually be made only for orders received on working days between 8.00 and 19.00. Vesta is usually able to deliver in Italy with an average time of 48/72 hours. However, it is understood that the delivery terms must be understood as non-essential. Vesta reserves the right to change the shipping cost during the validity period of the Catalog. Since the shipping costs shown in the catalogs may not be up to date, customers are required to check the relative amounts on the website. For orders not transmitted online, if the transport cost is higher than what is indicated on the website, the relative amount will be communicated by Vesta to the customer before shipment, which will take place only after the customer has accepted the new amount by 3 (three) days from the communication of Vesta. If Vesta predicts that it will not be able to comply with the delivery terms indicated, without this entailing any responsibility towards the customer, it will communicate the new delivery conditions of the item to the same, who will have to confirm the order, as amended, within 3 (three) days of Vesta’s communication. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made to the address that the customer has specified in the order

1.2 By returning the materials to the Customer or the carrier, Vesta Automation Srl frees itself from the obligation to deliver and all risks on the materials themselves pass to the Customer even if Vesta Automation Srl is in charge of shipping or installation.
1.3 The delivery terms are indicative and are calculated in working days.
1.4 Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, they begin to run from the moment the contract is concluded, unless the Customer has to pay part of the price as a down payment, because then the term is suspended until it has done so.
1.5 The delivery terms are understood to be extended by right:
1) if the Customer does not provide in good time the data or materials necessary for the supply or request of the variants in progress or, again, delays in responding to the request for approval of the drawings or executive schemes;
2) if causes independent of the good will and diligence of Vesta Automation Srl, including delays of subcontractors, prevent or make delivery excessively burdensome within the established terms.
1.6 In the event that the Customer is not up to date with the payments relating to other supplies, the expiry of the terms is suspended and Vesta Automation Srl can delay deliveries until the Customer has paid the sums due.
1.7 The delivery terms are intended to be established in favor of Vesta Automation Srl; therefore the customer cannot refuse to take delivery of the products before the established date.
1.8 Except as provided in the following article 11, in case of failure to take delivery of the products by the Customer due to a fact attributable to him or, in any case, for reasons beyond the control of Vesta Automation Srl, the Customer will bear the risks and expenses for their safekeeping.
1.9 If the parties have agreed that, in the event of delayed delivery, Vesta Automation Srl is required to pay a sum as a penalty, the Customer will not be able to ask for sums higher than the penalty as compensation for damages suffered due to the delay.


The customer is required to examine the goods received accurately at the time of delivery and to communicate in detail to Vesta, within 8 (eight) days of delivery, any defects found – or verifiable – at the outcome of this examination, or to propose any other complaint in relation to the products. In the event that the customer does not make the above communication, the items will be considered definitively accepted and compliant with what is requested in the order, without prejudice to the possibility, which can be exercised within and no later than 1 (one) year from delivery, to assert any non-apparent defects, provided that the related report was made within 8 (eight) days of their discovery (in compliance with the provisions of article 1495 of the civil code). It is understood that the customer must refuse the delivery by the carrier of packages with damaged packaging and must, in this regard, immediately inform Vesta of the incident; otherwise, the delivered goods will be considered accepted in their entirety in the state in which they are found at that moment. For the purpose of examining the products or articles, the customer acknowledges that Vesta is not the author of the software that may be contained therein, nor has he read them. The customer must therefore carry out, under his own exclusive responsibility, before using the product or article, every reasonable check to verify that the software contained in the purchased products make them suitable for use or are not affected by computer viruses or from other defects that may damage the item or goods that come into contact with it.



For more information contact us at:


ITALY: our Standard delivery is € 16 throughout the national territory.
EUROPEAN UNION: Shipping to European Union countries has a cost of € 28.00.


ITALY: we ship throughout Italy within 3 working days (weekends and holidays excluded) from receipt of the order.
EUROPEAN UNION: we also ship to the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican State, and to all countries of the European Union. Deliveries to European Union countries can take up to 15 days. The countries we can ship our products to are:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom


In case of absence of the recipient / non-delivery, the courier will leave you a notice, which will indicate the contact details to contact to arrange the second delivery, according to the procedures applied by the shipper. If the package remains in storage beyond the maximum term indicated by the courier, it will be returned to the Seller and you will be notified by e-mail of the cancellation of the order. Within 15 days of notification, you will be given a refund equal to the total amount paid for the products, net of the costs for unsuccessful shipping (including the costs of returning the Products to the Seller). The refund will be credited to the same credit card used to pay for the order.


Vesta will replace or repair the products or items supplied, or refund the relative price, if, despite correct and diligent use by the customer, defects are found, which must be asserted against Vesta no later than 12 (twelve) months from the date of delivery and, for replaced products or components, from the day of their replacement.

Within this period Vesta Automation Srl to which the Customer, no later than eight days from delivery for obvious defects and eight days from discovery for hidden ones, has reported in writing the existence of the defects, undertakes at his choice – within a reasonable time taken with regard to the extent of the dispute – to repair or replace free of charge the products or parts thereof that were found to be defective. The return of non-compliant goods must always be authorized by Vesta Automation Srl in writing and must respect the original packaging.

The replacements or repairs are usually carried out ex works: the costs and risks for the transport of defective products are charged to the customer. However, if Vesta Automation Srl in agreement with the Customer deems it more appropriate to carry out the work necessary for the replacement repair at the Customer, the latter will bear the travel and living expenses of the technical staff made available by Vesta Automation Srl and will provide all the means and auxiliary personnel required to carry out the intervention in the fastest and safest way.

The warranty is void whenever the products have been assembled or used incorrectly or have received insufficient maintenance or have been modified or repaired without the authorization of Vesta. Vesta is also not liable for product conformity defects due to normal wear of those parts which, by their nature, are subject to rapid and continuous wear.