2GD and 3GD ATEX valves and solenoid valves

ATEX valves Vesta ATEX valves satisfy all directives 94/9/EC to avoid mechanical risk og ignition in explosive atmosphere (category II2GD and II3GD). Design, materials and technical solutions are made to prevent mechanical sparks, electrostatic charges, heating of surfaces due to friction, etc. All these solutions make Vesta ATEX valves in “constructional safety”. They grant the […]

Flow regulators/ speed controller SCR series

SCR series Vesta SCR series of pneumatic speed controller is designed to accurately regulate the flow of compressed air, in order to control and regulate with precision the speed of pneumatic actuators. The flow regulator regulates the flow in one direction. The series is available in sizes: G 1/8’’, G 1/4’’ and G 1/2’’. Buy […]

Multipole Connection System 4HF series

4HF series The 4HF multipole connection system grants high flow in small dimensions and easy way of expansion by adding new modules (even odd positions). This compact solution is available in two preassembled electrical configurations: 25 pin Sub-D for a max of 22 solenoids and 37 oun Sub-D for a max of 32 solenoids, suitable […]

3/2 poppet high-flow valve PV series

PV series With its excellent sealing and long life seals, PV32 series covers applications where high flow rate of air or vacuum are needed. The poppet diaphragm system grants very high speed in reaching the max flow as well as high frequence of operations. Buy now Technical features (pdf) 3D Cad model (Cadenas)

Micro-valves push-in 4mm

Micro-valves push-in 4mm MICRO push-in 4mm valves can be set with mechanical or manual operation. The series includes direct spool control, roller-lever and one-way roller-lever control, and a new high-sensitivity whisker operator. the valves are also available with manual push-button control and short lever selector. The poppet-valve internal technology allows precise control of the pneumatic […]

Logic elements OR, AND, YES and NOT series

Logic elements OR, AND, YES and NOT series Automatic valves with Logical Unit OR-AND-YES-NOT are pneumatically controlled valves, to be used when you can not have an electrically controlled valve in the planti installation area. Logical Unit can be installed on the machine through the holes in the bodies. Composed of aluminum body and quick […]

Valves and solenoid valves NM series

NM series Vesta NAMUR valves are available in the 3/2 and 5/2 versions, with different forms of actuation. This series of valves present a high nominal air flow and no environmental contact between the namur valve and the actuator being switched. This series has high working frequency and can be used with lubricated or non-lubricated […]

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